K-9 Services

K-9 Services

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K-9 Services

Klemm Security is happy to announce the introduction of K-9 Security Solutions to our wide range of security services.

The standard of quality we provide in our services has also been implemented in our new K-9 department, which is composed of highly qualified teams of dog handlers and dogs. K-9 Teams are an extremely valuable asset to any security strategy as they highly contribute in raising your level of security.

The canine keen senses (specially smell and hearing), plus the psychological effect of their intimidating presence, are a proven and effective crime deterrent.


Our dog units are trained by professionals with many years of experience delivering reliable and high quality training and education programs to all types of K-9 teams, while strictly following international standards established by police and military authorities around the world. At Klemm Security we own our dogs and employ our own professional handlers to ensure quality and effective service.


Our professionally trained K-9 Security Teams can be an invaluable component of any efficient security strategy. They provide safety and security, including identifying and minimizing any potential threats. Since they are mobile, our K-9 Units can be easily incorporated to existing security guard units to enhance the protection of critical infrastructure, and large open spaces.


Our K-9 Units are also ideal for large public gatherings such as cultural and sports events, and for high risk situations such as protests and strikes. Not only they provide high-deterrent, but they deliver reassurance to the general public as well.

K-9 Static and Mobile Security

K-9 Patrol and Response Team

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K-9 Event Security