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Detective Services

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Our experienced detectives are able to conduct assessments to determine and eliminate threats that could have a negative impact on the success and reputation of your business. They are also able to conduct thorough investigations of specific situations that may arise as the result of actions within your company (such as  employee disloyalty, theft, substance abuse, etc.), or as a consequence of external factors (such as infringement of patents, unfair competition, espionage, etc.).



  • Investigating cases of suspected unfair competition, industrial espionage and business fraud

  • Researching and investigating infringements of intellectual property rights

  • Collecting and verifying information on candidates for employment

  • Investigating and determining work policy violations such as theft, employee loyalty, substance abuse, safety, violence, harassment, etc.

  • Investigating breach of contracts and confidentiality agreements

  • Investigating employee fraud such as false sick leave

  • Collecting and verifying data and information for "Due Diligence"

  • Investigating insurance fraud

  • Surveillance and monitoring of certain activities